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Piano Men – a Tanzfond Erbe project

A choreographic concert for 2 pianists

They see everyone, hear everything, are always there and yet never in the spotlight. The pianists, who accompany dance rehearsals as co-repetiteurs. As participatory observers, they form the living archives of dance and are capable of describing dance on a level that truly makes it come alive. Frankfurt choreographer Paula Rosolen has explored the memory of repetiteurs together with pianist David Morrow, who worked for 20 years with the Ballet Frankfurt as well as for the Forsythe Company, and a guest pianist. Paula Rosolen visited many who work for famous dance makers. In her piece, she uses collected visual, acoustic, written and physical material to provide a perspective on the history of dance, which focuses on the description and perception of movement and music without recourse to the presence of actual live dancers.

Direction, Choreography: Paula Rosolen * Performer, Pianists: David Morrow, Thorsten Larbig * Set: Wooyeon Chun * Light: Rosa Wernecke * Sound Design: Sebastian Schottke * A Paula Rosolen production, co-produced by Künstlerhaus Mousonturm * Funded by: TANZFONDS ERBE - An Initiative of the Federal Cultural Foundation *Supported by the Hessian Ministry for Science and Art and the City of Frankfurt am Main.